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Three Benefits Of Drone Inspection Before Replacing Your Flat Roof

Posted 2020-12-14

It can be tricky and expensive to complete an aerial survey without a drone. Not only will it be more time-consuming, it will require scaffolding and ladders which can be inconvenient for the homeowner. Our drones are a single tool that collect accurate data in less time.

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10 reasons to choose Affordable Roofing for your roof replacement

Posted 2020-10-23

Nothing lasts forever. But whether you need roof repairs Suffolk area or a full roofing installation, here are ten reasons why you should choose us for your roof replacement.

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The importance of having an expert when dealing with roof repairs

Posted 2020-09-30

When taking on any project, having a professional on the job comes with numerous advantages. Today, we’ll be sharing the importance of having an expert when dealing with roof repair.

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Different Types of Roofing Materials and Their Advantages

Posted 2020-08-26

Here at Affordable Roofing, we know that every roof has different needs. Whether you’re looking for roofing repair or for a new roofing installation, you will first need to make sure you have chosen the perfect material. In today’s blog, we will be covering some of the best roofing materials and what their advantages are.

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Three Reasons to Choose Affordable Roofing for Your Roofing Project

Posted 2020-07-31

Choosing a roofing company to carry out work on your house is always a big decision. Whether it’s something simple like replacing missing tiles or something larger like a full roof refit or replacement, it can be stressful trusting a roofing contractor to take care of such an important and costly part of your house.

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Top tips for choosing a competent roofing contractor in Suffolk

Posted 2020-06-20

If you live in Suffolk and have got a roof that needs repairing or replacing, calling in an expert roofing contractor is essential. This will ensure that the work is done safely and that you get top-class results. Of course, finding a competent firm to carry out such work is not always easy! Just what should you bear in mind when searching for a decent roofing contractor in Suffolk?

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